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Dolls & Bears Bike Helmets

Looking for a fun way to give your child a new bike? we have dolls and bears as part of the add-on! The doll's head will fit onto the bike's headlight, and the bear's body will fall off the bike. We also have a era specific helmet, so it will be the right fit for your child.

Discount Dolls & Bears Bike Helmets Online

Looking for a fun and safe bike ride? look no further than dolls & bears! Our american girl dolls are safety-friendly and offer a great look at the outback lifestyle. Plus, our helmets are keyed for skaters and the horse riding version is perfect for on-the-goers.
dolls & bears is a bike helmet company that provides a unique and comfortable experience by creating high-quality dolls and bears. Their dolls and bears are perfect for those who enjoy taking risks and having fun in the moment. The doll basket is a great way to enjoy a ride on a beautiful day.
thebonusesystem for the dolls & bears is back! Now you can have a motor bike that is just like you and is equipped with a bonus helmet. This is a great way to help out your community or use it as aakedown sport. The dolls & bears bike comes with a bonus helmet and a keyhole on the back. You can download the app today and get started with the machine.